90 Days to Double-Digit Growth

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Your business is important! Do you know the National Small Business Development Center (SBDC) just released a report that up to 33% of U.S. businesses are closing their doors--digital and storefront-- forever?!

  • 47.7% of businesses reported less than $100,000 in revenue last year, and 92.3% reported less than $1 million.
  • 34.1 % reported a >15% decrease in overall sales, while 16.0% reported a >15% increase in overall sales.
  • 36.0% reported a >15% decrease in profit last year, compared to 8.0% reporting a >15% increase.
  • 55.0% of businesses reported that their business was very negatively affected by the 2020 pandemic and lockdowns, and 27.0% responding they were negatively affected.
  • 46.5% of businesses believe that they would not survive if we had another lockdown.

As a business owner, you contribute too much to the economy for that to happen. And, I'm investing in you to make sure you are not one of the businesses that will fall on hard times.

It's been said, you're either growing or you're dying. I'm committed to helping you grow by double digits within the next 90 days! 

Although there is a waitlist for my private coaching programs, I've collected my knowledge and expertise that my private coaching clients pay over $300/hour for and packaged it in this tool, Fast Track to Profits: The Gameplan For Double-Digit Increases in 90 Days, and am offering it at 67% off my hourly rate.

For only $127, you can access Fast Track to Profits: The Gameplan For Double-Digit Increases in 90 Days. 

Will you get results? I guarantee it! For everyone who implements the game plan, you will see an increase in conversions, sales, and profits. I'm so confident that if you don't see a double-digit increase in these areas within 90 days, I'll offer you a free 30-minute coaching call to address the challenge you are having. 

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90 Days to Double-Digit Growth

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